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Because ALPHA has a limit of 100 dogs and is almost always at full capacity, only homeless dogs are accepted.  An exception is made for dogs previously adopted from ALPHA.  These dogs can be returned to ALPHA at any time.

Most of the ALPHA dogs are highly adoptable.  Those that are not will live out the rest of their lives in our retirement center.  We care for them well, keep them happy and deeply love them

There are a few requirements for adoption.  The new home must have a secure fenced yard.  This requirement might be waived for apartment dwellers that want a very small indoor dog.  The children in the family must be six years or older.  Again, this requirement might be waived if the child is close to his/her 6th birthday and appears to be reasonably mature.  A brief home inspection is usually required in order to confirm the security of the yard.  Adopters must fill out an easy questionnaire.

Our fee for adoption is $95.  We believe most dogs will be happier if there is another dog in the family, so two can be adopted for the price of one.  An ALPHA dog  can be returned at any time during his or her lifetime.

All ALPHA dogs are spayed or neutered, are microchipped and have received shots.  However, puppies under four months will not have received a rabies shot.

Dogs can be viewed Monday through Saturday, 10:00 to 4:00.  If the temperature is predicted to be 95 degrees or more, dogs can be seen only from 10:00 to Noon because we want the dogs to stay in the shade during the hottest part of the day.  In case of rain, the sanctuary is closed to the public because the paths and hillsides are slippery and unsafe for visitors.  Please call 661-391-8212 before you come because, on rare occasions, the sanctuary may be closed for an hour or so.




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